PSDF Skills Scholarship Program: A Great Opportunity for Pakistani Students

Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) is a prominent skills development fund in Pakistan, established in 2010 by the Government of Punjab (GoPb). It operates as a not-for-profit company and is dedicated to enhancing the skills and employability of the workforce in Punjab. PSDF has recently introduced an exciting program called the “Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24.” This program aims to provide opportunities for skill development and education through scholarships. In this article, we will explore the details of the program and how interested institutes can participate.

The Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24

The Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24 is a comprehensive initiative by PSDF to support individuals in acquiring valuable skills and education. Through this program, PSDF aims to empower the youth of Punjab by providing them access to quality vocational training, apprenticeships, and career development opportunities. The program focuses on bridging the gap between education and employability, equipping individuals with the necessary skills to excel in various industries.

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Association Applications

PSDF invites interested institutes to become associated with the Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24. Institutes that wish to collaborate with PSDF can access the association document from the official PSDF website at The association document outlines the criteria and guidelines for institutes seeking partnership with PSDF in implementing the Skills Scholarship Program. Institutes are required to carefully review the document and submit their association applications accordingly.

Shortlisting Process

PSDF will conduct a thorough evaluation of the received association applications. The shortlisting process will be based on the criteria specified in the association document. PSDF aims to select institutes that demonstrate a commitment to quality training and possess the necessary infrastructure to deliver the program effectively. The shortlisted institutes will have the opportunity to join hands with PSDF and contribute to the skills development landscape of Punjab.

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Terms and Conditions

Interested institutes are advised to review the terms and conditions mentioned in the association document before submitting their applications. The terms and conditions provide important information regarding the obligations, responsibilities, and expectations of the associated institutes. By complying with these terms and conditions, institutes can ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership with PSDF.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or further information, interested institutes can reach out to the Procurement Department of Punjab Skills Development Fund. The contact details are as follows:

  • Address: 21 A, H-Block, Dr. Mateen Fatima Road, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • UAN: 042-111-11-PSDF (7733)
  • Toll-Free: 0800-48627 (HUNAR)
  • Website:
PSDF Skills Scholarship Program: A Great Opportunity for Pakistani Students

The Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24 by Punjab Skills Development Fund is a remarkable initiative to uplift the skills and education landscape in Punjab. Through partnerships with dedicated institutes, PSDF aims to create opportunities for individuals to enhance their employability and embark on successful career paths. Interested institutes are encouraged to access the association document from the PSDF website and submit their applications to be a part of this transformative program.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is eligible to apply for the Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24?

Any institute in Punjab that meets the criteria specified in the association document can apply for association with the program.

2. What are the key benefits of becoming associated with PSDF’s Skills Scholarship Program?

By becoming associated with PSDF, institutes can access funding, resources, and technical support to deliver high-quality vocational training and education to students.

3. Can institutes from outside Punjab apply for association?

No, the Skills Scholarship Program 2023-24 is specifically designed for institutes located in Punjab.

4. What types of vocational training and apprenticeships are covered under the program?

The program covers a wide range of vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities in various industries, including but not limited to healthcare, IT, construction, hospitality, and agriculture.

5. How can institutes ensure the success of their association with PSDF?

Institutes should adhere to the guidelines, quality standards, and program requirements specified by PSDF. Regular communication, monitoring, and evaluation are also essential for a successful partnership.

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