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Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU-PESRP) is at the forefront of Punjab’s growth, contributing to various sectors like education, health, and social inclusion. Supported by the World Bank, PMIU-PESRP endeavors to uplift communities and households through its initiatives.

Posting Date:17th September 2023
Source:The News Jobs
Type of Employment:Regular/ Permanent
Department Name:Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU-PESRP)
Qualifications:Bachelor’s, Masters
Place of Posting:Lahore
Last Date to Apply:28th September 2023

Job Openings at Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit

Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit PMIU-PESRP is inviting applications for several positions, with a primary focus on the role of a General Assistant. This presents a promising opportunity for qualified individuals to be a part of Punjab’s development journey.

Qualifications and Experience Required for General Assistant

To be eligible for the General Assistant position, candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in business, humanities, natural and applied sciences, or related disciplines. Additionally, a minimum of three years of post-qualification experience in either the public or private sector is essential.

How to Apply for PMIU-PESRP Job Positions

Prospective candidates should submit their applications along with relevant documents and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) by September 28, 2023, before 04:00 PM. The application submission can be made through registered mail, courier, or in-person.

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Deadline for Applications

The deadline for submitting applications is September 28, 2023, and submissions after this date will not be considered. Make sure to adhere to this crucial deadline.

The Punjab Human Capital Investment Project and its Objectives

Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit operates under the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project, a World Bank-assisted initiative by the Government of Punjab. The project aims to enhance access to quality health services, economic growth, and social inclusion programs.

Importance of Accessible Health Services

Improving access to quality health services is a critical objective of the project, ensuring a healthier and more productive society.

Enhancing Economic and Social Inclusion

Through various programs, the project strives to include marginalized sections of society into economic and social spheres, promoting inclusivity and equality.

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Focusing on Poor and Vulnerable Households

The project emphasizes upliftment for poor and vulnerable households, addressing their unique needs and challenges to improve their quality of life.

Role of PMIU-PESRP in Public and Private Sectors

Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit plays a pivotal role in coordinating efforts between the public and private sectors, ensuring a collaborative approach towards the project’s objectives.

How World Bank Assists in Punjab’s Development

The support from the World Bank provides the necessary resources and expertise to execute the project effectively, fostering Punjab’s growth and development.

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PMIU-PESRP offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to contribute to Punjab’s development and be a part of meaningful initiatives. The project’s focus on health, economic inclusion, and social welfare promises a fulfilling and rewarding journey for those involved.

Unique FAQs about Applying for PMIU-PESRP Jobs

Are these positions open only to Punjab residents?

While preference is given to Punjab residents, the positions are open to qualified candidates from across Pakistan.

Is there an age limit to apply for these positions?

Yes, the age limit for applicants is set at 40 years.

Can recent graduates apply for the General Assistant position?

Yes, as long as the candidate meets the educational and experience criteria, recent graduates are eligible to apply.

Can applications be submitted via email?

No, applications must be submitted through registered mail, courier, or in-person, adhering to the specified guidelines.

Will late applications be considered?

No, applications received after the deadline of September 28, 2023, will not be considered for the respective positions.

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