Trainers Required in PHQ Hospital Gilgit

PHQ Hospital Gilgit, located in Gilgit, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, is inviting applications from eligible candidates for the positions of FCPS-II Trainees in various specialties. This job opportunity was announced in the Ausaf Newspaper on June 20, 2023. Candidates with an MBBS degree and other relevant qualifications are encouraged to apply.

Posting Date:20th June 2023
Source:Ausaf Newspaper
Type of Employment:Regular/ Permanent
Department Name:PHQ Hospital Gilgit
Place of Posting:Gilgit
Last Date to Apply:26th June 2023

Details of the Positions in PHQ Hospital Gilgit

Here are the details of the the required positions in PHQ Hospital Gilgit:

Position: FCPS-II General Surgery Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Participate in surgical procedures under the supervision of experienced surgeons.
  • Assist in patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning.
  • Attend training programs and educational activities.
  • Acquire skills in various surgical techniques and procedures.
  • Comply with hospital policies and guidelines.

Position: FCPS-II Gynecology/Obs Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Observe and participate in obstetric and gynecological procedures.
  • Provide antenatal and postnatal care to patients.
  • Assist in diagnosing and treating gynecological conditions.
  • Learn about family planning methods and reproductive health.
  • Collaborate with the healthcare team to ensure optimal patient care.

Position: FCPS-II Diagnostic Radiology Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Gain hands-on experience in various radiological examinations.
  • Interpret diagnostic images and provide accurate reports.
  • Learn about different imaging modalities and techniques.
  • Assist in interventional radiology procedures.
  • Stay updated with advancements in radiology technology.

Position: FCPS-II General Medicine Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Observe and participate in the management of medical cases.
  • Perform clinical assessments and physical examinations.
  • Assist in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.
  • Attend medical rounds and conferences.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals for comprehensive patient care.

Position: FCPS-II Pediatrics Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Gain exposure to the care of pediatric patients.
  • Assist in diagnosing and treating pediatric illnesses.
  • Monitor child development and growth.
  • Participate in vaccination programs and child health initiatives.
  • Attend pediatric clinics and contribute to pediatric research.

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Application Procedure:

Interested candidates are advised to carefully review the complete advertisement available online to obtain detailed information regarding eligibility criteria, application process, and any additional requirements specified by PHQ Hospital Gilgit. The closing date for applications is June 26, 2023, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

Join PHQ Hospital and become part of a dynamic healthcare team dedicated to providing quality medical services. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your medical skills and gain valuable experience in your chosen specialty. Take the first step towards a rewarding career in the medical field.

Note: All applicants should refer to the advertisement for specific instructions on how to apply and ensure compliance with the given guidelines and deadlines.

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