PEEF Scholarships for Talented and Deserving Students in Punjab 2023-24

The pursuit of higher education is a dream for many, but the financial constraints can often hinder this journey. However, there is good news for talented and deserving students from the Punjab province. Apply now for PEEF scholarships and get financial assistance to pursue your undergraduate education in Punjab.

The Government of Punjab has announced scholarships for the academic year 2023-24 under The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF). This initiative aims to provide financial support to students who have the potential but lack the means to pursue higher education.

Eligibility Criteria: Unlocking the Opportunity

To access these scholarships, students must meet specific eligibility criteria:

Domicile Requirement

To be eligible, students must hold a domicile of the Punjab Province. This requirement ensures that the scholarships benefit the residents of Punjab.

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Academic Excellence

Students must have excelled in their Intermediate Level Annual Examination in 2023 by securing at least 60% marks (first division). This criterion emphasizes the importance of academic performance.

Examining Board

The scholarships are open to students who have passed the Intermediate examination through any board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Punjab or the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. This inclusivity ensures that a wide range of students can apply.

Federal Board Exception

In the case of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, eligibility extends to students who have passed the aforementioned examinations through Federal Government Institutions, private institutions, or as private candidates within the geographical boundaries of Punjab. This exception broadens the scope of eligible candidates.

Admission in FALL Semester 2023

Applicants must secure admission in the Fall Semester of 2023 in any Undergraduate Program of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). This requirement aligns with the goal of supporting students in their pursuit of higher education.

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No Other Educational Scholarship

Students applying for the PEEF scholarship should not be in receipt of any other educational scholarship. This ensures that those who need it most receive the support.

Household Income Limit

The annual declared household family income of prospective students must be equal to or less than Rs.720,000/- (Rupees Seven Hundred Twenty Thousand only). This criterion aims to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Meeting Institution Criteria

Lastly, students must also meet the criteria for the award of financial aid as prescribed by the institution. This ensures that the scholarships align with the institution’s goals and values.

How to Apply for PEEF Scholarships: Taking the First Step

To begin the journey towards securing the PEEF scholarship, students need to follow these steps:

Contact the Financial Assistance Office

Interested students should get in touch with the Financial Assistance Office via email at [email protected]. This initial contact will guide them through the application process.

Complete the Application Form

Students must complete the application form, including the Affidavit form printed on Stamp paper (Rs.50/-) and the Information Form. These forms are essential for processing the application.

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Gather Required Documents

The following documents should be submitted along with the application:

  • Applicant CNIC (Front/Back) or B-Form
  • Applicant Domicile
  • Father/Guardian CNIC (Front/Back)
  • Current Salary Slip of the father/guardian
  • Passport size picture

Mark Your Calendar

Applicants should note that the last date for submission is September 30, 2023. Meeting this deadline is crucial to be considered for the scholarship.

Seizing the Opportunity

Education is the cornerstone of progress and personal growth. The PEEF scholarship program by the Government of Punjab is a beacon of hope for talented and deserving students. It not only offers financial support but also encourages academic excellence. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your educational aspirations into reality.


What is the PEEF scholarship?

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) scholarship is a government initiative to provide financial support to talented and deserving students in Punjab.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Eligibility criteria include having a domicile of Punjab, securing at least 60% marks in Intermediate, admission in an IBA undergraduate program for the Fall Semester 2023, and meeting income and other institution-specific criteria.

How can I apply for the PEEF scholarship?

To apply, contact the Financial Assistance Office at [email protected] and follow the application process outlined by the institution.

What is the income limit for the scholarship?

The annual declared household family income of prospective students must be equal to or less than Rs.720,000/-.

What is the deadline for submission?

The last date for submission of applications is September 30, 2023. Ensure your application reaches the Financial Assistance Office by this date to be considered for the scholarship.

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