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In the banking industry, the role of a Field Collection & Default Officer (FCDO) holds significant importance in the process of write-off recovery. The FCDO is responsible for re-establishing contact and relationships with borrowers whose loans have been written off, following predefined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the utmost ethical and moral practices. This article delves into the responsibilities, requirements, and essential skills of an Field Collection & Default Officer, shedding light on the crucial role they play in achieving 100% write-off recovery targets.

Post Name:Field Collection & Default Officer
Type of Employment:Contract
Department Name:Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited
QualificationsIntermediate / Bachelors’ degree from a reputable
Computer Proficiency:MS Office, MS Excel
No of Positions:01+
Place of Posting:Lodhran Branch
Last Date to Apply:02nd August 2023

Introduction: Understanding the Role of a Field Collection & Default Officer (FCDO)

In the ever-evolving landscape of the financial sector, the role of an Field Collection & Default Officer has emerged as a crucial component in the recovery process of written-off loans. When borrowers default on their loans, banks often have to write off these loans as bad debt. The FCDO’s primary responsibility is to revive communication with these borrowers and work towards recovering the outstanding dues. This article highlights the key responsibilities and skills required to excel as an FCDO.

Responsibilities of an FCDO

Re-establishing Contact and Relationships with Borrowers

The first and foremost responsibility of an FCDO is to re-establish contact with the borrowers whose loans have been written off. This involves persistent efforts to initiate communication through various channels, including phone calls, emails, and personal visits. Building a positive rapport with borrowers is essential to encourage them to fulfill their financial obligations.

Achieving Write-Off Recovery Targets Ethically

While the ultimate goal is to recover the written-off amount, the FCDO must adhere to ethical practices during the recovery process. Using intimidation or harassment to collect dues is not only unprofessional but also against banking regulations. The FCDO should adopt a diplomatic approach while engaging with borrowers and ensure they understand the repercussions of defaulting on their loans.

Ensuring 100% Write-Off Recovery Targets

Meeting recovery targets is a critical aspect of the FCDO’s role. The individual is responsible for developing effective recovery strategies, closely monitoring progress, and taking appropriate actions to achieve the predetermined targets. This may involve negotiations, settlements, or legal actions, depending on the situation.

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Requirements for an FCDO

An FCDO must handle borrowers’ legal documents with extreme caution to prevent any misuse. The sensitive nature of such documents demands strict compliance with data protection laws and confidentiality standards.

Cash Collection and Receipts

In cases where cash recovery is necessary, the FCDO should issue a properly signed Cash Collection Receipt (CCR) to each borrower against the amount collected. This receipt serves as evidence of payment and ensures transparency in the process.

Daily Field Activity Planning and Deviation Marking

To optimize efficiency, an FCDO must prepare a daily field activity planner in consultation with the Branch Manager (BM). Any deviations from the plan should be marked and communicated to the relevant authorities for necessary adjustments.

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Essential Skills of an FCDO

Lodgment of Postdated Cheques

The FCDO should be proficient in lodging postdated cheques provided by borrowers for the forced settlement of write-off loans. Timely submission of these cheques to the concerned authorities is crucial for effective recovery.

Timely Approvals and Recovery Suits

Seeking timely approvals from management for filing recovery suits and providing necessary documents to lawyers is an integral part of the FCDO’s role. Legal actions should be taken when negotiations fail, and recovery becomes a challenge.

Maintaining and Analyzing MIS

Keeping track of all write-off cases and maintaining a Management Information System (MIS) with comprehensive details is essential. Regular analysis of the MIS helps identify trends and devise better recovery strategies.

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Desired Skills of an FCDO

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication is key to building trust and cooperation with borrowers. An FCDO should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to convey information clearly and persuasively.

Previous Experience in Field Recoveries

Experience in handling field recoveries provides an FCDO with valuable insights into the challenges and dynamics of the recovery process. Past experience equips them to navigate complex recovery situations more effectively.

Negotiation Skills and Independence

Negotiation skills are vital when dealing with borrowers who may be facing financial difficulties. The ability to empathize and find mutually acceptable solutions is crucial. Additionally, FCDOs often work independently, requiring a proactive and self-reliant attitude.

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Job Specifications for an FCDO

Academic Qualification

An FCDO should possess at least an Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution.

Area of Specialization

The FCDO’s area of specialization should ideally be in a relevant field such as finance, banking, or recovery management.

Computer Proficiency

Proficiency in MS Office, especially MS Excel, is essential for maintaining records and generating reports.

Other Details and Skills

Additional skills like independence, attention to detail, and time management contribute to an FCDO’s effectiveness in the role.

Job Location and Type

The FCDO position described in this article is specifically for the Lodhran Branch. It is a contractual position, and the applicant should have at least one year of relevant job experience.

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In conclusion, the role of a Field Collection & Default Officer (FCDO) plays a pivotal role in the write-off recovery process within the banking industry. By re-establishing contact with borrowers, ensuring ethical practices, and achieving recovery targets, the FCDO contributes significantly to the bank’s financial health and stability.


What is the primary responsibility of an FCDO?

The primary responsibility of an FCDO is to re-establish contact and relationships with borrowers whose loans have been written off.

How does an FCDO achieve write-off recovery targets ethically?

An FCDO achieves write-off recovery targets ethically by employing diplomatic approaches and avoiding intimidation or harassment.

What are the desired skills for an FCDO?

Desired skills for an FCDO include communication and interpersonal skills, previous experience in field recoveries, negotiation skills, and the ability to work independently.

What academic qualification is required for the FCDO position?

An FCDO should have at least an Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution.

Is the FCDO position contractual?

Yes, the FCDO position mentioned here is contractual, and it requires at least one year of relevant job experience.

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Business, Management and Administration, Financial Services

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1 years

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Aug 02, 2023

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Lodhran Branch

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