Job Openings for Masters and Bachelors Degree Holders at Karachi Port Trust

Karachi Port Trust is a well-established organization that offers Job Openings for Masters and Bachelors Degree Holders. The organization is currently seeking candidates with Masters and Bachelors degrees to join their team for various positions. Karachi Port Trust offers exciting career opportunities to individuals with diverse academic backgrounds.

Masters Degree holders have a great advantage when it comes to job opportunities at Karachi Port Trust. The organization values higher education and offers multiple job openings for Masters Degree holders. In 2022 and 2023, Karachi Port Trust plans to recruit a considerable number of Masters Degree holders in different departments. Candidates with US Masters Degree are also encouraged to apply.

Job PostQualification Required
Project ManagerMasters
Emplemantation CoordinatorBachelors
IT specialistBachelors

Job Openings for Masters and Bachelors Degree Holders

Karachi Port Trust offers a wide range of career opportunities to individuals with Bachelors Degree as well. The organization has numerous job openings that require a Bachelors Degree, and the successful candidates will be working in various departments.

The job openings for both Masters and Bachelors Degree holders include positions in Administration, Finance, Engineering, IT, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. The candidates must have a minimum of 16 years of education, and the degree must be obtained from a recognized institution. Every keyword is repeated twice in this content.

The Masters Degree holders can apply for positions such as Project Manager, Emplemantation Coordinator, and IT Specialist in the Administration and Engineering departments. The candidates must have excellent project management skills, critical thinking, and leadership qualities to perform these roles effectively.


  • The right to reject the advertisement or any part thereof is reserved.
  • Complete details can be downloaded from

Terms & Conditions:

  • Eligible and shortlisted candidates will be informed of their test/interview.
  • Applicants attending the test/interview will not be charged any fee.

How to Apply for Project Manager Post?

  • Interested candidates should submit their application.
  • All supporting documents should be attached.
  • Incomplete documents received after the deadline or under process will not be considered.
  • Completed applications in all respects should reach the below address within 15 days from the date of publication of the advertisement.

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