First Women Bank Limited Jobs 2023 – Apply Now for Multiple Government Bank Jobs

First Women Bank Limited has been a trailblazer in championing the cause of women’s empowerment. As a Scheduled Commercial Bank with a rich legacy, First Women Bank Limited is on a mission to uplift women in the workforce and beyond. If you’re an energetic, motivated, and career-oriented individual, this is your chance to be a part of an institution that is making a difference. Discover exciting career opportunities and contribute to the ongoing journey of empowerment.

Posting Date:08th August 2023
Source:Dawn Jobs
Type of Employment:Contract
Department Name:First Women Bank Limited
Qualifications:Bachelor’s, Master
Place of Posting:Karachi, Lahore
Last Date to Apply:21st August 2023

Explore the Opportunities at First Women Bank Limited

In a world where women’s empowerment and equality are the goals, First Women Bank Limited has been at the forefront since 1989, tirelessly working to uplift women and create opportunities for them to thrive. As a Scheduled Commercial Bank with a strong commitment to gender inclusivity, the bank is currently seeking enthusiastic, career-oriented, and motivated individuals to join their mission and drive it even further. If you’re someone who believes in the cause of empowering women and want to contribute to it, here’s your chance! Apply now for the various exciting positions that First Women Bank Limited has to offer.

Head Taxation Payment: Ensuring Financial Compliance

As the Head of Taxation Payment, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that the bank’s financial activities are in full compliance with taxation regulations. Your expertise will help the bank manage its tax-related matters efficiently and effectively.

Branch Manager: Leading and Nurturing Growth

As a Branch Manager, you’ll be responsible for leading and managing the operations of a branch. Your leadership skills will come to the forefront as you nurture growth, motivate your team, and ensure that the branch meets its goals and objectives.

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HR Officer: Building a Vibrant Workforce

The HR Officer role is pivotal in creating a positive work environment. You’ll be involved in talent acquisition, employee development, and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity.

Software Developer: Driving Technological Advancements

In the age of digital transformation, the role of a Software Developer is crucial. Join the bank’s tech team to develop innovative solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

Corporate Officer: Managing Strategic Relationships

As a Corporate Officer, you’ll be responsible for managing strategic relationships with various stakeholders, helping the bank maintain a strong presence in the corporate sector.

Manager Payroll: Ensuring Financial Well-being

The Manager Payroll role involves managing the payroll process, ensuring that all employees are accurately compensated and their financial well-being is taken care of.

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Branch Audit Officer: Upholding Accountability

Upholding accountability and ensuring compliance, the Branch Audit Officer conducts internal audits to ensure that all processes and operations within the branch are running smoothly.

CRM Analyst: Enhancing Customer Relations

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analyst focuses on understanding customer needs and behaviors to enhance the bank’s services and build lasting relationships.

Manager: Operational Excellence

As a Manager, you’ll drive operational excellence within your team and contribute to the bank’s overall success by ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

Relationship Manager: Building Strong Bonds

Relationship Managers play a key role in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, ensuring their financial needs are met effectively.

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Business Coordinator: Facilitating Collaboration

The Business Coordinator role involves facilitating collaboration between different departments, ensuring seamless communication and project coordination.

System Administrator: Tech Infrastructure Management

The System Administrator oversees the bank’s technical infrastructure, ensuring that systems are secure, efficient, and well-maintained.

Eligibility and Application

Candidates with educational backgrounds such as Master’s, MBA, Bachelor’s, and BBA are encouraged to apply. The bank values diversity and welcomes differently-abled individuals to apply, along with a PWD certificate from the Medical Assessment Board.

First Women Bank Limited Jobs 2023 - Apply Now for Multiple Government Bank Jobs

To apply for these exciting positions, visit and submit your application along with your resume by 21st August, 2023.


  1. What is First Women Bank Limited’s mission?

    First Women Bank Limited is committed to championing women’s empowerment and creating opportunities for women to excel.

  2. How can I apply for the positions?

    Visit to submit your application and resume by 21st August, 2023.

  3. What educational background is preferred for these positions?

    Candidates with educational backgrounds such as Master’s, MBA, Bachelor’s, and BBA are preferred.

  4. Can differently abled individuals apply?

    Yes, differently abled individuals are encouraged to apply along with a PWD certificate from the Medical Assessment Board.

  5. What is the contact information for queries?

    For any queries, you can contact the bank at 021-111-676-767 or 0213-5657684 Ext.: 367/389.

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