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Are you a procurement professional with a track record of success and leadership? Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan is seeking an experienced and qualified individual to join their team as Additional Director Procurement. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and contribute to an organization known for excellence, read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Posting Date:20th August 2023
Source:Jang Jobs
Type of Employment:Regular/ Permanent
Department Name:Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan
Qualifications:Masters, MBA
Place of Posting:Multan, Punjab
Last Date to Apply:19th September 2023

The Position: Additional Director Procurement

Qualifications and Requirements

Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan is on the lookout for an exceptional candidate to fill the role of Additional Director Procurement. The preferred educational qualification for this position is a Master’s Degree in Business, providing a strong foundation for the responsibilities that come with overseeing procurement operations.

Experience Matters

Professional Certification and Progressive Experience

To excel in this role, candidates with professional certification in procurement will be given special consideration. Additionally, a minimum of 15-20 years of progressive experience in procurement is a key requirement, out of which at least 10 years should have been spent in a leadership capacity. If you bring experience from the Real Estate Industry, it will be considered an advantage and contribute to your suitability for the position.

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Skills that Set You Apart

Essential Skills for Success

Successful procurement leadership demands a diverse set of skills, and DHA Multan values candidates who exhibit these traits:

  • Negotiation Mastery: Exceptional negotiation skills are essential to securing the best deals and value for the organization.
  • Strategic Thinking: As Additional Director Procurement, strategic thinking is vital to align procurement strategies with organizational goals.
  • Analytical Excellence: Robust analytical and problem-solving skills ensure effective decision-making and optimal procurement outcomes.
  • Effective Communication: Superior verbal and written communication skills are crucial for liaising with stakeholders and conveying procurement strategies clearly.

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Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs

Application Process

How to Apply for Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs?

If you’re ready to embrace this opportunity, consider the application process outlined by DHA Multan. You can submit your application through multiple channels. Either send your CV by August 25, 2023, to the address mentioned in the advertisement, or apply online at Alternatively, you can share your resume via email at [email protected].


What are the qualifications for the position of Additional Director Procurement at DHA Multan?

The preferred qualification is a Master’s Degree in Business.

Does having professional certification in procurement provide an advantage?

Yes, candidates with professional certification will receive special consideration.

How many years of experience are required for this position?

A minimum of 15-20 years of progressive experience in procurement, with 10 years in a leadership role, is required.

Are skills like negotiation, strategic thinking, and communication important for this role?

Absolutely, these skills are crucial for success in the role of Additional Director Procurement.


DHA Multan‘s search for an Additional Director Procurement presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals seeking to showcase their leadership and procurement prowess. If you possess the qualifications, experience, and skills highlighted in this article, don’t miss the chance to apply and be part of a dynamic organization.

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